Female Faces is the outcome of a collaboration of artists from across the globe, sharing the same
enthusiasm and aspirations.

The objectives of the project are the following:
  1. To start a public discourse on the diverse issues related to the female figure, as communicated through the Female Faces project.
  2. To bring to the fore unaddressed issues related to the female nature and explore the meaning of the female figure in different cultural contexts.
  3. To address and raise awareness on women’s rights and the different forms in which they are oppressed.
Our Vision

Female Faces is an artistic and cultural dialogue in its basis, approaching aspects of the female nature from different angles and perspectives. Rather than based on strict guidelines, the project rests on the filmmakers’ perception of the female subject and their immediate relation to it. Each film is created on a collaborative basis by the director and the music composer. It is an artistic statement bringing to the fore well-known as well as unaddressed issues related to socioeconomic and cultural aspects of female figures of different ages and cultural backgrounds.

Our Mission

Upon its completion, Female Faces aims to deliver a somewhat round perspective in practice, an introspective view of art’s recognition of the female ethos and struggle, but most importantly, its strength. The anthology of the produced short films will be presented in major cities across the world in collaboration with museums, art galleries and cultural centers in the form of public installations and periodic exhibitions, while also in movie theaters and film festivals.


Rafailia Bampasidou
[ Creative Director/Producer ]
Anna Wilma Xilakis
[ Project Manager/Executive Producer ]
Albanoudis Giannis
[ Accounting Manager ]
Aimilia Gaki
[ Social media strategist/Management ]
Loonatiks Design Crew
[ Web design ]
RDY Studio
[ Development ]


Martha Stroumpou
Maria Mavrokostidou


Andy Hill
Patricia Delso
Thanos Pantsos
Dolphragon Ltd.