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photo of Ziv Ronit
[ Director ]

Ziv Ronit (IL)

[ Biography ]

Ronit Ziv, one of Israel’s most active choreographers, multidisciplinary artist, that performed and has been creating work for dance and theater companies in Israel, Europe, and the former FSU since 1999. Ronit created a short documentary films concerning the issues of women`s discrimination.

An experienced teacher, she taught the Batsheva Ensemble for three years and currently teaches at Bikkurei Itim in Tel Aviv, the current hotbed for contemporary dance attracting students from around the world.

Ronit has since appeared at the Pina Bausch Festival and worked. Ziv, is Guest Professor at UCLA, Pomona College California and Jerusalem Academy for Dance and Music.

Ronit, holds an MA degree from Tel Aviv University, and she has studied Cinema Editing at the Open University Tel Aviv.