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photo of Papakonstantinou Konstantis
[ Composer ]

Papakonstantinou Konstantis (GR)

[ Biography ]

Konstantis studied in the Fines Arts School at Ioannina and at the same time he started to work as a musician. He is a founding member of the band LARGO and of the music groups "Gintiki" and "Transidelia". He started composing for the screen from the age of 21 when he had his first feature film. Since then, he has composed for a number of shorts, documentaries, dance and theater performances. 2018 and 2019 were very successful years for Konstantis. He was nominated for best film score at IRIS awards 2018 for the film "Happy Birthday" and  the film "Barrier" received the first prize in Drama's short film festival. In 2019, the film "Smuggling Hendrix" received the best foreign language fiction film award in at Tribeca festival in New York.