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photo of Raveenderen Rekha
[ Composer ]

Raveenderen Rekha (MY)

[ Biography ]

Rekha Raveenderen is a double platinum award-winning Malaysian-Indian composer. She was Head of Audio Production at Digitaltones (2001-2008), a production company and record label which set trends in the Indian music industry of Malaysia. Her work is often said to be unique and strong in melody.

Upon completing her Bachelor of Music (majoring in Music Technology), Rekha embarked to observe the film industry in Chennai, India for a year. She was mentored by film composer, worked with film musicians, classical singers and observed the musical styles of traditional Indian instruments such as dilruba, sarod, veena, santoor, shanai, bansuri, mridanggam, tabla and others. Inspired by beautiful ragas, ethnic instruments and the unique vocal timbre of concert singers,  Rekha went on to compose for specific singers as well as one song for herself – thus, her debut album, Sankeertanam was born. 

Rekha has worked on numerous commercials for radio and television, theatrical plays and produced a number of albums which has won her awards. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Scoring for Film and Visual Media at Pulse College, Dublin.