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photo of Torres Santa Ramón
[ Director ]

Torres Santa Ramón (PR)

[ Biography ]

Ramón Torres Santa is an award-winning Puerto Rican filmmaker, educator, and musician. Currently he’s working as a Training Coordinator in BronxNet Community Television, offering workshops on Film and TV Production for people of all ages in The Bronx.

His work includes Panorama (2015), Over His Dead Body (2017), for which he won Audience Choice Award at Rincón Film Festival. Additionally, he has served as a Production Coordinator, Assistant Director, Colorist, Sound Mixer, and Video Editor for Mass Appeal, HITN, Chipotle Films, Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College, Department of Education of Puerto Rico, Johnson & Johnson, SER de Puerto Rico, BELLA Group. Furthermore, he has contributed to independent filmmaking projects in Boston, Puerto Rico, and New York City.

He also co-founded the Puerto Rican rock band La Otra Media, embracing his affair with music.

Torres Santa obtained a Master’s degree in Boston University on Cinema & Media Production. Previously, he studied a bachelor’s degree on Audiovisual Communications from the University of Puerto Rico.