Female Faces is the outcome of a collaboration of artists from across the globe, sharing the same enthusiasm and aspirations. The objectives of the project are the following: 

  • To start a public discourse on the diverse issues related to the female figure, as communicated through the Female Faces project.
  • To bring to the fore unaddressed issues related to the female nature.
  • To explore the meaning of the female figure in different cultural contexts.
  • To address and raise awareness on women’s rights and the different forms
    in which they are oppressed.​
Submition guidlines
  • The film should be a female portrait (whatever this means for a director).
    It can have any filmmaking style and it can be a real or fictional story.
  • The director, the cast and crew can be of any gender, nationality and age.
  • The film should have a duration of 1-5minutes.
  • The film should have at least one female face involved.
  • The film should have the highest quality possible.
  • The music will be created for every film in collaboration with us and
    the composers we have available.